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Getting Ready for the "New Normal"

We're trying not to use those overused words (eg. unprecedented) but a lot of humming and hawing has happened over lockdown. Thankfully we are all well and safe and we very much hope all our regulars are too. We've been lucky - there has been very little Covid-19 in our corner of Scotland and we'd very much like it to stay that way! Could we, should we open at all this year? It's been a tough decision but we know our customers and we know they are a pretty sensible bunch and who will want to get back in the hills. So we have decided to open from 1st August but to only one group at a time as we can't see how social distancing between strangers can be safe in our cosy little hostel. There will have to be quite a few changes and a huge amount of extra cleaning between groups and we're sad to say we'll be a bit more distant from our customers than usual but we'll be glad to see our hostel alive

again. Decision made, it's time to do all that decorating we planned 12 weeks ago but somehow seem not to have got around to . . .

First up Neil's carpeting skill came in useful for Imrich, then he turned his hand to painting and new blinds to replace the rather less than effective old curtains in all three bedrooms. Then Ali set to with the paint brush in Creag Dubh and all the toilets and showers. Meanwhile Sue has been sorting through the kitchen and refreshing all the cushions The TGO Challenge and a desperate need for Sue & Ali to have a backpacking adventure have intervened for a week or so but once the inevitable aching muscles have recovered we'll be turning our sights to the living area with more paint and a chance to display some of Neil's wonderful local photos. It's already beginning to feel fresher but just as cosy as ever.

So we're now looking forward to August and if you want to come and visit before the long winter nights set in again go to, email or ring us on 01540 673360.

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